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Featured Weddings 

Anna Victoria

Lucy and Brad were married outside in front of a tranquil pond. They had an indoor reception with a pale green color scheme. 

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Lucy & Brad

September 14, 2019


June 15, 2019

Katie & Cameron

Katie and Cameron went with a light blue and silver color scheme with beautiful flowers and luxury feel at Loyola Chicago. Katie and Cameron had a bubble exit and a sparkler send off!

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Jay V Photography


February 6, 2019

Sharde & Richard

Sharde and Richard had a beautifully elegant

wedding  at a Catholic church in Chicago. Their wedding was formal with hints of navy blue and silver.

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Sprung Photo

June 15,  2018

Brook & Justin

Brook and Justin did a barn wedding that had a modern country feel and rustic look. This wedding was filled with laughter, mini donuts, and twinkle lights.

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ReinRivera Photography

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